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Peruntukan Diluluskan (RM)
 1. Enhancement Mechanism of Dielectric Properties of CaCu3Ti4O12 (CCTO) Using Formulated Microwave Susceptor Crucible Dr. Muhammad Azwadi  Sulaiman Skim Geran FRGS, KPM 69,348
 2. Reaction Mechanism and Kinetic Establishment of Ultrasound and Enzyme-Mediated on the Extraction of Bioactive Alkaloids from Chromolaena Sp. Dr. Mardawani Mohamad Skim Geran FRGS, KPM 96,000
 3. Mechanism of Geopolymerization In Green Ceramic Tile Incorporated with Electric Arc Furnace (EAF) Steel Slag Waste Dr. Teo Pao Ter Skim Geran FRGS, KPM 87,435
 4. Chemical Behavioural Study On Low Cost Nanoparticles Based On Wasted Sea Shell for Urea Biosensor Development Dr. Rosmawani Mohammad Skim Geran FRGS, KPM 81,400
5. The Mechanism of Antifungal Action of Cinnamomun Porrectum Extract Against White-Rot and Brown-Rot on Rubberwood and Palm Oil Trunk Veneers Dr. Sitti Fatimah Mhd. Ramle Skim Geran FRGS, KPM 74,500
6. Synthesis and Conctructing CaO-CuO-TIO2 Ternary Diagram At The Vicinity Regions Of Calcium Copper Titanate (CCTO) Prof. Madya Ir. Dr. Julie Juliewatty binti Mohamed Skim Geran FRGS, KPM 117,000
7. Extraction of Nanocellulose from Agricultural Waste Development of Organic Biodegradable Plastic Dr. Nor Hakimin Abdullah SGPUU, UMK 60,000
8. Effect of Polyaniline@Graphene Oxide Nanocomposite for Enhanced Activity for Radionuclide Extraction from Clinical Waste Water Dr. Nadiah Ameram SGPUU, UMK 40,750
9. Study of Durability Properties of Poly (lactic acid)/Poly   (butylene adipate-co-terephthalate) Reinforces Microcellulose Cystalline Composite Dr. Sitti Fatimah Mhd. Ramle SGPUU, UMK 40,000
10. Study of Hyrometallurgical Gold Extraction of Geological Sample in Chiku, Gua Musang, Kelantan : A New Approach Dr. Abdul Hafidz Yusoff SGPUU, UMK 100,000
11. Automated Machine for Compost Mixing, Bag Filling and Capping for Mushroom Production Dr. Hasyiya Karimah Adli Skim Geran PPRN, KPM 40,000
12. Sublimation Heat Transfer Technology Dr. Mohamad Najmi Masri Skim Geran PPRN, KPM 43,000
13. Effect of sintering Temperature and Composite on Physical and Structural of Ceramic Porcelain Insulator Dr. Norfadhilah Ibrahim SGJP, UMK 20,000
14. Simultaneously  Degradation and Removal Pathogenic Bacteria and Humic Acid by Visible-light-responsive Photocatalytic Membrane System (VPMS) for Household Water Supply Dr. Noor Fazliani Shoparwe SGJP, UMK 20,000
15. The Effects of Drying Temperature on Preservative Penetration in Some Malaysian Fast Growing Species Timbers Dr. Andi Hermawan SGJP, UMK 20,000
16. Modelling Study on the Distribution of Rare Earth Elements in Surface Sediments Along Kelantan River Dr. Abdul Hafidz Yusoff SGJP, UMK 20,000
JUMLAH 929,433


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