The outbreak of COVID-19 brings along a huge impact to the future aims with a lot of assumptions about what is going to happen to the future of our graduate and in specific, to the upcoming 2020 graduate batch. But thinking with ignorance to the opportunity around is out of being optimist and positive to be a successful person. The movement control order (MCO) due to the pandemic start with 5 phases in total from 18th March until 31st of August 2020 should not limit our sightseeing to the future. The future is in your hands with more things to do. Always remember this quote “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you did not do than the ones you did do” – Mark Twain.  The faculty, lectures and members surrounding can be your peer advisor for your future. However, to make everything success is your own afford, do live daringly, boldly, fearlessly. Taste the relish found in competition – in having put forth the best within you.  As materials students, eagle eyes need to help your future, and with that, appearance COVID-19 outbreak will not stop your ambition and your future to be.

By taking responsibilities as an academician to make sure that you are on track to become Materials Technologist, we shared links using the social medium to share the opportunity in job scope and also as a medium to enhance your knowledge in the variety of categories and tried to enhance graduate employability for future-ready.

With lots of sharing in social media (FB page: Fakulti Biokejuruteraan dan Teknologi and  Teknologi Bahan UMK, WhatsApp and Telegram applications, we shared activities that can be done via online in MCO phases include free seminar online, digital career festival and also interview online.

The list of vacancy works was also shared from a giant company such as vacancy in Dyson Manufacturing Sdn. Bhd and Western Digital (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. UMK Student welfare office (HEPA) are also giving advantages by producing telegram group to update works vacancy and the focus is for a graduate student from 2020 up to 2023. We tried to prepare the medium as best as we can, but the success rate is still in your hand.

The participant from the top company in seeds online career fair on 4 – 8 Mei 2020 is also giving an open eye to the student, to encourage them to see and join the real-life ahead. This career fair involves presentation from companies and speakers, virtual interview and they also prepared an application slot for full time and internship opportunities.

The list of sharing that relate to the online is actually more and will be growing in number with time. The huge part of online sharing is Virtual Career Fair 2020 that happening on 18th to 22nd May 2020. It is opened to all youths who are looking for an internship or a full-time job. This five days online exclusive virtual event is filled with live activities organised by participating employers and featured interactive webinars, group calls, interviews, chat and career talks and students are also can drop the resume to the employers.

The new norm is not only for lifestyle but also in improving your skills, knowledge and potential works ahead. Upon counting days for COVID-19 to finally with 0 cases in our country, counting days to graduate, do count on yourself first. Are you ready to use your EYES to see the future? Be ready for everything, counter back the difficulties then YES, you are already materials technologist in whatever scope of works you are going to be. BE OPTIMIST AND POSITIVE TO SUCCESS.

Article and Photo: Dr Norfadhilah Binti Ibrahim