We are now in the era of Big Data where it means data abundance more than ever before. In recent times, the impact of infographics around us has been increasing. The analysis determines the rise of interest through Google insights for search with the keyword of Infographics.

Beginning in 2011, Infographics' search has attracted much attention, keep rising and at a peak in March 2020. A 100% increase over the past 10 years indicates a trend that is worth following in the faculty.

Like to the data comparison on social media usage in worldwide above which survey has been done in 2019. These data are still evolving from time to time. Besides, animals, mountains, oceans, space have now become an integral part of our knowledge due to the development of computer technology, mobile and gadgets. With such an abundance of information, we tend to organize, organize and analyze that data.

What is Infographic?

Infographics is a collection of images, charts, and short excerpts that give an insight into a topic's understanding. Infographics is a graphical medium of communication and one of the most efficient ways for compelling storytelling of complex data. Infographic practices have also been widely used at UMK, especially Faculty of Bioengineering and Technology to increase visibility at the virtual level, including:

1) Compelling

People generally like facts, pictures and statistics. With great images and great graphics make our posters or information attractive like the grant poster received by the faculty recently. With the chart layout and number of grant value, FBKT has been seen as one of the most active faculty in this year.

2) Full coverage

With today's virtual world, infographics can cover a whole range of events or situations, and one world can browse the news. This can be seen in the current situation of the Covid-19 virus attack where infographics have been used for daily case reporting to reflect current infection statistics.

In conclusion, infographics play a massive role in effectively delivering information. Infographics are believed to be more widely used due to the grows of knowledge day by day