Universiti Malaysia Kelantan is welcoming the new academic semester in October 2021, the ‘September 2021/2022’ session. New students will be registered for this coming semester. To promote the bachelor degree programs offered by the Faculty of Bioengineering and Technology (FBKT), the faculty has taken an initiative by organizing an online promotion to convey the important information to these new prospective students. This program is applicable for students who are still uncertain about the right path to further their studies and are looking for a suitable opportunity to obtain their bachelor's degree.

On 10 August 2021, an informal session called Meet and Greet @ FBKT, Siri 2 was held online. This program is targeted at students with the diploma who are interested in pursuing their first degree at FBKT. The Dean of FBKT, YBhg. Prof. Madya Dr. Noor Azlina binti Ibrahim has been specially invited as a panel with Dr. Nurul Akmar Binti Che Zaudin, senior lecturer at FBKT, as the program moderator. This informal talk session through the Google Meet application has attracted around 40 diploma graduates to participate in the live broadcast.

The program started with a welcoming speech from the moderator and a promotional video from FBKT. The Dean of FBKT has started the session by introducing UMK Campus Jeli to the participants. Prof. Madya Dr. Noor Azlina has also explained the programs offered and the career prospects of FBKT graduates. Videos of FBKT students and alumni sharing their views and experiences were also presented during this talk session. The opportunity to get a credit transfer is a significant attraction for diploma students. They have a high chance of graduating early with the credit transfer programme from diploma to their bachelor degree in UMK. The program ended with a question and answer session with the panel and program moderators.

Promotion is a necessary effort that needs to be done by all institutions of higher learning to ensure that prospective students get clear and accurate information about the university and the programs offered. Among the advantages of Meet and Greet @ FBKT which is conducted by online video conference, students can ask any question and will be answered directly by the university. Students can browse the FBKT website, Facebook and Instagram for the more and latest information on FBKT and UMK.


Nurul Akmar Che Zaudin