Industry@FBKT: Application of Downstream Process in Bioindustry

On the 22nd of June 2021 (Tuesday), Industry@FBKT was streamed live via Google Meet as one of the sharing sessions with industrial mentors. Prof. Dato' Ir. Ts. Dr Badrulhisham Abdul Aziz, Director Technopreneur Integrated & Technical Consultant, Syarikat Agro Reka Jeli, has been invited as the industrial mentor for this session titled "Application of Downstream Process in Bioindustry." This topic was highly relevant to one of the courses in the SBT Program, Downstream Processing, which was taught by Ts. Dr. Mardawani Mohamad and Dr. Noor Fazliani Shoparwe. The sharing session was designed to connect SBT students with real-world industrial applications, providing an opportunity for the students to combine their fundamental classroom knowledge with real-world industrial applications. This programme is widely recommended as an industrial experience for academically talented students because industrial mentors can stimulate academic growth and serve as positive role models for students in their area of career interest.

Prepared by:

Dr Siti Roshayu binti Hassan