With the latest crucial outbreak of Covid-19, it is quite challenging for both lecturers and students to take part in conventional face-to-face (F2F) lectures. In view of this restriction, UMK has recommended and encouraged us to move to the online class (synchronous or asynchronous) as one of the efforts to prevent the spread of Covid-19 outbreaks among university communities.

In support of this movement, Dr. Teo Pao Ter, Senior Lecturer in Materials Technology Program, Department of Energy, Minerals and Materials Science, held the first online synchronous class at EMT 2113, Polymer Technology Course. He only used and integrated simple online services such as Skype, WhatApps and E-Learning UMK. Skype will act as a live lecture forum where lecturers and students can connect and address the topic through video calls using a laptop. In the meantime, WhatsApp (mobile phone) will act as a back-up forum where any ambiguous material of the lecture will be written and sent through. In order to capture class attendance, students were expected to stay involved in their e-learning portal until the conclusion of the lecture. In order to ensure that students remain involved in e-learning, embedded learning videos have been displayed on the website and students have been made mandatory to take part in class events such as "chat" and "feedback."

Article and Photo: Dr. Teo Pao Ter