Virtual Research and Innovation Exhibition UniMAP (EREKA) 2022

Ts. Dr. Teo Pao Ter, Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Bioengineering and Technology, and his research team members have recently won a GOLD medal at Virtual Research and Innovation Exhibition (EREKA) 2022. The EREKA 2022 was organized by Universiti Malaysia Perlis.

Dr. Teo and his team members presented an innovation project entitled, “Green Porous Ceramic Thermal Insulator (GreenPCTI) Made From Wood Saw Dust Waste", under Category: Chemical, Advanced Material & Plastic. The main vision and mission of the innovation is to recycle and re-use the wood saw dust waste generated by the wood, timber, and furniture industry in Malaysia, into porous ceramic. The porous ceramic will be used for thermal insulating applications. It is hoped that this innovation will be successfully commercialized and further overcome the problem of dumping of wood dust waste that needs to be disposed of every year.

Ts. Dr. Teo Pao Ter