Faculty of Bioengineering and Technology’s Welfare Club

The FBKT Welfare Club was established at the faculty to safeguard the welfare of the staff. Membership of the club consists of the staff member of the Faculty of Bioengineering and Technology with a total staff of 50. All faculty staff are automatically members.

The primary purpose of the club is to be a platform for the implementation of various activities for staff and the community. Through this platform, various activities of welfare and sports can be organized and thus can have an impact on the local community. While at the same time, it can strengthen the relationship of staff from various departments in the faculty. Among the activities organised are regular luncheon events every 3 months, including festival ceremonies; community programs such as Back To School and others. Through the club, staff will receive souvenirs for birthdays, getting children, weddings or consolation in any misfortune.

Recently, the club with the faculty’s JK Khidmat Masyarakat has organised donations from industry, individuals, and faculty staff to ease the burden of the local community. This time, we are focusing on the community in Kampung Renyuk.

The donations will be used to purchase basic needs for a family, such as rice, wheat, sugar, oil and so on. Forty of these parcels were handed over to the head of the village.

Prof Madya Dr Noor Azlina Binti Ibrahim