Teamwork Enhancement Programme (TEP) Series 2 2020

On 13-15 August 2020, Faculty of Biotechnology and Technology (FBKT) together with Faculty of Hospitality, Tourism and Health (FHPK) participated in the Teamwork Enhancement Programme (TEP) Series 2 2020 organized by the Human Resource Development Division (HRD), Universiti Malaysia Kelantan Registrar's Office located at Demong Beach Resort, Terengganu. Participants were divided into several groups and the activity begins with an introductory session of ‘Ice breaking’. Various interesting indoor and outdoor physical activities were carried out including Water Rafting, Bukit Kluang Climbing, Survival Cooking, Treasure Hunt, Bridge Building and Puzzle. Water Rafting is the most exciting outdoor leisure activity where every group will be asked to build a raft before they all paddle the raft and enjoy the beautiful and peaceful natural scenery at Bukit Kluang Beach. Through leisure activities such as Water Rafting can not only cultivate the spirit of Teamwork among team members but also can reduce the stress that hit the participants before attending this TEP as well as serves as a personal and soul therapy to the participants. Through TEP, the relationship can be strengthened between FBKT and FHPK, able to recognize potential and cultivate teamwork to achieve each goal set.