FBKTNo1 Flag Flying Magnificently at CITREX 2021

Researchers from the Faculty of Bioengineering and Technology, Universiti Malaysia Kelantan namely ChM Ts Dr Nor Hakimin Bin Abdullah, Ts Dr Teo Pao Ter and ChM Ts Dr Abdul Hafidz Bin Yusoff, have won 3 gold medals in the 11th Creation, Innovation, Technology & Research Exposition 2021 ( CITREX 2021) organized by UMP Malaysia which was held virtually.

ChM Ts Dr Nor Hakimin Bin Abdullah also won a Special Award (Green Technology Award) through research and innovation “Waste to Wealth; A Novel Biodegradable Composites from Agriculture Waste for Drug Delivery (BioCellz-462)”. This study involves applying the concept of ‘waste to wealth’ involves the production of biocomposites from palm stem waste that can be used for oral drug delivery.

It is hoped that the excellence shown by these researchers will inspire us to continue to progress in the future.

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ChM Ts Dr Nor Hakimin Bin Abdullah