Video is a promotional medium that can have a massive impact on an organization, company, or individual. A promotional video's role is to convey or inform the community about a program and activity and introduce a newly created body, institution, or business.During this millennia era, the role of video has becoming more interesting and widespread as the process of making the video has been simplified to be more user friendly.

The existence of various types of short video applications that last for only a few seconds on social media such as TikTok, Dubsmash, Triller, Instagram Videos, and several other applications is the main reason for this phenomenon to occur. Such applications make the community, especially the young and adults, be more confident and forward in highlighting their talents and abilities to be shown to the whole world. One of these applications' advantages is exposing young people to hone their talents and become more creative and innovative in presenting ideas and expressing themselves. All they have to do is upload the application on their mobile phone, find creative and fresh ideas, and dare to reveal it on social media. These short video applications are zero cost.  Therefore, anyone can use it and the short duration of time also makes these videos not dull and easy to attract viewers.

Institutions of higher learning such as Universiti Malaysia Kelantan also facing challenges in attracting students to choose the study programs offered. Taking lessons from the younger generation's tendency for videos, the Faculty of Biotechnology and Technology has taken the initiative by offering their students to engage in the production of promotional videos for their respective study programs.

The Forest Resource Technology Program (SEH) has successfully published a promotional video that has been produced in collaboration with Year 4 students and SEH alumni under the guidance of several lecturers of the program. These two videos, one with 11 seconds and the other is 4-minute long, have been uploaded on SEH’s instagram and Facebook and received positive reactions from the audience. Something to be proud of when our students can use the courses they have learned in SEH and translate that knowledge into a simple, exciting, and creative video. The students' talents and abilities should be appreciated and celebrated as they are the ones that truly understand their own generation, thus allow this promotional video to be reached by the community faster.

The video is included here for all the readers to view. The faculty would like to thank the students involved for their excellent cooperation. The Fourth Year students involved are Aqilah Binti Abdul Rahim, Nur Hafizzah binti Jusoh, Muhammad Safiy Syazani Bin Sukri, and Nur Wahidah Binti Mohd Nawawi while the SEH alumni are Nurul Ainnabilah Binti Mohd Rosdi and Syazrol Bin Omar.

Prepared by: Dr Nurul Akmar Che Zaudin