FBKT Cakna Komuniti Programme

For the first time, ‘FBKT Cakna Komuniti’ was held on the 26th November 2022 at Lata Renyuk, Jeli Kelantan. This is a community service programme aims to bring the FBKT community closer to the community of Kampung Renyuk, Jeli Kelantan.

A simple ceremony was held after breakfast to welcome the community of Kampung Renyuk to the event. A welcoming note was given by the Dean of FBKT, Assoc. Prof. Dr.Muhammad Azwadi Bin Sulaiman, followed by a sharing session on “The Importance of Forest to Human” delivered by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Muhamad Hazim. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Wan Faizal then took the centre stage to share about the community projects that are currently ongoing which involve the furniture making from bamboo, production of chacoal and the ‘kunyit hitam’ plantation project. He mentioned that the same services could also be done with the community of Kampung Renyuk. A total of 50 seedlings of ‘kunyit hitam’ were donated to the community of Kampung Renyuk through their representative, En. Alias.

In conjuction with this event, a donation drive was set up to collect donation for the ‘asnaf’ of Kampung Renyuk. This drive was run for about a month prior to the event. The donation was used to get the basic nessecities such as a bag of rice, sugar, flour and etc. for the ‘asnaf’ of Kampung Renyuk. We would like to take this opportunity to pour our heartfelt gratitude to all donaters among the Faculty members, the university community, individuals outside the university, O&E Technologies Sdn. Bhd. and syarikat One Resources Sdn. Bhd. for all the contribution made.

Right after the ceremony, a telematch was held to strengten the bond made between the community of FBKT and Kampung Renyuk. Before the event was concluded, everyone put their best effort to clean the whole area of Lata Renyuk, marking the new bond formed betwen the faculty and the community of Kampung Renyuk. The objectives of the programme were met and the representative from Kampung Renyuk has extended their open hands to welcome FBKT again for future programmes and collaborations.

Dr. Wan Suriyani Faliq Adeeba Binti Wan Ibrahim