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Bachelor of Applied Science (Forest Resources Technology) With Honours

The Bachelor of Applied Science (Forest Resources Technology) with Honours degree programme emphasises efficient use of forest resources to ensure sustainability. Students will be exposed to courses such as forestry fundamentals, tree species identification, silviculture, dendrology, herbs, forest bio-resources, pulp and paper technology, as well as product extraction from forest resources. These courses also include elements of technology 4.0 so that students can stay up to date with the latest changes in the natural resource industry landscape. Students will also be equipped with entrepreneurial elements and skills in leveraging forest resources to produce high-tech wood-based products without compromising sustainability.

Among the subject offered are:

  • Pulp and Paper Technology
  • Furniture Manufacturing Technology
  • Wood Products Design
  • Wood and Non-wood Material Process Technology
  • Forest Resources Bio energy
  • Wood Drying and Preservation
  • Wood Physical and Mechanical
  • Forest Harvest Technology
  • Wood and Non-wood Chemistry
  • Medicinal Plant Type and Utilisation
  • Silviculture

Related Courses

Career Opportunities
  • Wood Product Designer
  • QA / QC Executive
  • Wood-Based Executive
  • Research and Development Officer
  • Technical Sales Executive
  • Wood Product Technical Consultant
  • Forest Resource-Based Product Entrepreneur
Study Fees
Study Fees Local Students
Study Fees International Students
Curriculum Structure
Curriculum Structure

Entry Requirements
Local Students
International Students
4 years


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